Monday, March 23, 2015

Activation of Sugar Rush Mood.

Monday morning, everyone is in a rush to get everything done and to get to their various destination. Of course, for the mothers, it is exceptionally tedious. They have the responsibility of running the home and school errands. There was a funny incident that occurred sometime ago in my office.
A colleague of mine came really late and was queried. She started complaining. "He's questioning me and they (male folks) are the cause. He's acting as if he doesn't know after feeding the children, we also have to feed them (that's referring to husbands) of course, more of the female colleagues concurred, and the debate of how difficult it is for the men to assist with the house chores ensued. Lol! Whatever the situation, you need careful planning and preparation before Monday hits. That way, you can handle the sugar Rush.

- As a student; you just can't wait for the holiday to begin yet! As much as you're looking forward to it, focus more energy on studying for your exams. You and I know how enjoyable the holiday will be, is a determinant of how well you perform in your exams. You'll worry less about failing and just pray for a good grade.
- You may not like the job you have right now but you're earning a living and not roaming the street or sitting and wondering where the next meal will come from. Give your job, your best. If you can handle the challenge of doing a job you don't like very well, then you should be able to handle any pressing challenge when you finally get a more preferred one. And even if you haven't gotten a job yet, keep your search light on and find something to do, no matter how little it is. Its better than being a burden to yourself and others.
- And you that's into buying and selling, do remember "Customers are always right." Be pleasant, even when you feel otherwise. Cheers!

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