Saturday, March 28, 2015

Five Categories of Voters in Today's Election.

Ehen! Finally federal election has come and gone. *sighs* after all the drama I noticed different categories of voters in my polling unit at the village. Yes! I
registered in my village and finally decided to exercise my civil right, since I couldn't vote for myself. In pidgin english "its not to small something Lol!" Well here are the different categories while we wait for the results.

- The aged ones that doesn't know the names of the parties they'll like to vote for but very much conversant with their symbols.
Umbrella - PDP
People Lol! - LP
Broom - APC
Crown - ACD etc.

- The pregnant women, nursing mothers, handicap, sick people that expects to be treated specially because of their situation.

- The youths that are just there to cause commotion, make the place rowdy and calm again and again.

- The youths that keeps maintaining peace, forgetting they should vote. And the spectators.

- And of course, those that are ready to shove and push to successfully cast their vote.

Wow! What a day it was! Cheers!!

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