Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Five Daily Needs of a Man From His Lady.

I have heard, its quite easy to please men than women. How true that is, I'm yet to ascertain. Because humans generally are difficult to please, even the little babies aren't left out Lol. Well, let's leave that for another day and quickly
examine the five daily needs of a man from his lady.

- Her Confirmation that she's still his number 1 fan in whatever he does to make a living: no matter how little. Growth is always a progressive process. Severally, we all have been told that "behind every successful man, there's a woman." Sometimes, your believe and trust in his ability to succeed is all he needs to boost his ego and encourage him to work harder.
- Her Prayers to keep him safe: They say "hell halt no fury like a woman scorned." And I'm saying "heaven blessings halt no resistance to the persistent prayer of a virtuous woman." Safeguard your relationship on your knees daily. In case you're thinking "that's for married couple" Hey! Don't wait to be married TO him before you start praying FOR him. Now is the right time, even if you haven't met yet, still pray for him.
- Her Embrace to keep him warm: Before he leaves home in the morning and when he returns. Now! It is embrace. Nothing further *winks*. Its a form of reassurance you'd be here waiting for his return. This is mostly with married couples. For singles, you should be able to draw boundaries whenever you visit each other.
- Her soothing words to take away his worries: We all know life has got its up and down moments. So, hold his hands and encourage him in his "down" time. And hold his hands and rejoice with him in his "up" time. Whichever, let your words soften his worries and gladden his heart.
- Her tenderness, which is a reflection of her beautiful soul to maintain a peaceful home. This usually takes the harsh reality of the world of war we are living in today, away. The silent war within himself about the right and wrong things of the world and the open one of man killing man. His lady's tenderness will help preserve his sanity in the midst of it all. Cheers!

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