Friday, March 20, 2015! Hilarious Exposure.

In the world of work or school, today is the best for most people. They can barely wait for the day to end.
There's an extra gaiety to step, a brighter smile and easiness in attitude because its weekend. Yeah! Thank God its Friday.

And from TPj house, we got a special story to share, have fun!
Our specialty is about the experience of a secondary accountant with a student. This child has always been regular in paying her fees promptly. So the term she defied, the accountant out of concerned asked the child and the girl told him her father is dead and things are a bit difficult for the mother. Instead of driving the child home, he decided to cover up for her. The next term came and in order to balance his account, the accountant paid the fees of twelve thousand, seven hundred naira. As the second term progresses, the accountant asked the child to bring her mother, so that proper arrangement can be made in splitting the fees. That term ended with the child giving one excuse after the other. Then, the heat got unbearable in mid third term, that the school authority sent the child home. The accountant wasn't comfortable paying without the mother's knowledge.

A week later, the accountant was summoned urgently into the principal's office where he saw the student with a man, whom was introduced as the girl's father. The accountant of course was dead shocked and couldn't help screaming out the question "I thought your father is dead?" The girl just stood starring at them. When the accountant did inform the school after the child was driven, the proprietor decided to look into the situation and see how they could help. So, the girl will atleast get to finish her school without stress being she was already in S.S. 2.

The father suspicion rose when the child didn't go to school for a week with no good reason. So, he decided to come verify himself. And he got a shocker. It was revealed, the fees has actually been given to the child, who spent the money. The question should be on what right? Well, it turned out to be on WHO? Boys. In the midst of the shock, the girl wasn't remorse one bit. Well, the school resolved that she should be suspended indefinitely. Yeah! That was the miracle of a student killing and bringing her father back to life Lol! Enjoy the weekend. Cheers!

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