Monday, March 30, 2015

How do Men Cope with the Prevalence of Sexual Temptations?

Over the years, women have got this common complain. Our men flirts, cheats and no matter how beautiful you are, he still takes a step outside. And we wondering if it should be an acceptable doctrine. Hmmm! Its
gradually becoming one in most Africa states anyway. Now, I'm wondering if its actually the men's fault, that they can't stop their eyes from straying? And their thirst bud ignited?

There's so much the women folks has overlooked and that includes; the sensual appeal most women carry. Even when clothed, the clothes are like  second skin. Not to mention the scanty dresses. Infact, some women only believe there are just two parts that need covering and you do know them. Every other part is on display. And the men are expected to build an immune system to block their eyes from seeing. There's no way they won't see and there's no way they won't stray. Some may keep it down and others may blow it up in your face. Whichever way, he didn't survive the sexiness.

Now, don't go get it twisted! Its wrong to cheat but we've got to help our men to stay on just each of us by:
- Turning down the sex appeal in every way we can(even in videos). And what's it with high waist jean, leggys that must actuated every curve and give the exact position of the "V" shape of the woman? The fitted wears that makes you conscious of yourself all day long, the in door shorts that has become an outdoor one? All I'm saying "let's help our men survive all these sexiness" Feminism is enough sexual appeal, let's not keep worsening situations. Well, this how I can voice out my worries for now. Looking good is a good business not looking nude. Cheers!

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