Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lies Ladies Tell Themselves (Mostly Africans)

The worst person that could lie to you is "YOU." Many times some ladies cover up their pains with lies and pretense. This has made some men to take their ladies feelings (emotions) for granted. Whatever or however you feel, you've got to tell yourself the truth even if you can't tell him. That way you'll have a clear picture of your position in his life and that will help keep your sanity.

The Lies
- It doesn't matter if he cheats, so long he can take care of me and meet my needs.
Yet, your heart bleed when you realize he has been with another woman. Who are you kidding?
- I'm just being nice to him. I'm not trying to give him the green light. After all, we are good friends.
That's nice, keep spending your hard earned money for his comfort. While he spends it for another lady's comfort. And of course, you'll be green eyed with jealousy.
- Its ok if he chooses to always go out without me. So long, he returns back to the house to me.
Wow bravo! Except loneliness is gradually eating you up.
- There's nothing wrong in complimenting other ladies often. He does pay me such compliment.
Story! Because you're wondering why he keeps paying much attention to other ladies. What's he looking for?
- What's there if he keeps introducing me to his friends by my name, he just wants to keep our relationship private.
Ok! Yet you feel like screaming about your love for this man. Only, you're not given the room to do so.
It doesn't matter how long you lie to yourself, someday, you'll have to accept the truth. I hope that time doesn't come too late. Cheers!