Sunday, March 29, 2015

Lol! Reasons Slim/Skinny Single Ladies at 30 Need to Add Some Weight.

The heat about the election results is on the increase and every one is helping to fan the flame. Well, here's something to cool down the temper. Reasons for skinny single ladies at 30years and above to add some weight. Oshee!

1) For the gentlemen below 30years to believe that she's truly older than them: The rate at which boys grow up to become men is alarming. They get so big easily that most tend to believe their age is equals to their size haHaha! No fear in approaching ladies because they've got the size and weight on their side Lol! Its so absurd when some man looking all fine and cute approach a single lady and conversation ensued, then it gets to what's your age? He says "29" and she's taken aback and tells him "31" and he says "Nah!" It can be. Of course it is. In pidgin english - "small body nor be sickness."

2)For her to have a large range of Suitors: It is a serious notion that African men like fleshy women. Not necessarily fat and fabulous but some flesh for them to hold onto. And if there's curve, *winks* the figure 8 or semi figure 8 is an added bonus. Too skinny or fat narrows the suitors. Ehen who nor like beta thing? Lol!

3) For her not to be intimidated by her married friends of younger and same age group: Hehehe! Ladies can attest to the fact that; our size increases after child birth. Everywhere gets fuller. Sometimes when a slim single lady is with friends that are mothers, its very easy to assume, the married one is older.

So, all my slim/skinny ladies let's go add some flesh. Cheers!


  1. I see some sense inthis. I have a very skiny friend and she complains a lot dat she is too skinny and really she is and she says dats y she doesnt have many options wen it concerns men so she tries to make very big hairs in order to look mature. She is older than i am but if someone younger sees us, he or she tends to greet me and just say hello to her. it rily pisses ha off plus some other instances. She has tried to gain some weight but for where? No matter wat she eats she is still like dat cos dats ha nature. So telling single skinny women to go add some flesh is cool but u dnt knw wat most of dem mite have passed tru trying to do dat and believe me it aint easy. Just like trying to loose weight which is very hard as well.

  2. As flesh nor gree come what would you have me do?

  3. Sorry but I find this post a bit offensive, u have no idea how hard it is for some people to add weight. Life isn't dat serios all in da name of getting a man, one man's food is another man's poison.....