Thursday, March 26, 2015

Oops! I'd Rather Vote For Myself.

Its election week and everyone is asking everyone who they'll vote for. Well, I'd rather vote for me Oops! I'm not running for any position and why? That's the question some individual has got to answer Nigerians. With the kind of dream they have for the country, their level of intelligence, honest attitude
to life, bold, courageous, exuding 80% of a leader's quality. Yet, they cannot come forth to show interest in leading the nation. Now, why are such people lurking in the shadow? Why are they standing on the sideline instead of the front line? Why are they cheer leaders when they can be the players? Questions too difficult for my non grey hair to answer. You would probably realize that the answer to these questions are mysterious as the scientific evolution of man. It has been gradually incubated over the years that men of caliber and timber with good intentions are to be in the shadow politically. Oh! The mystery is beginning to get me winded up. *sighs*

Oh yes! I'd rather vote for myself because between President Goodluck and General Buhari is like being caught between a burning forest and the gruesome ocean with no rescue or a man stuck on a tree with a python and an hungry Lion on the ground. Whichever choice made, he'd be dead anyway. Unless a miracle happens. That's what Nigerians need to pray for. Whether you go out to vote or not, a winner will still emerge. Yes the smarter one wins the game. And who will it be? Whatever party that wins, we will still be facing the same consequences. And so many people are asking why the ball is being played between two parties candidates while there are other candidates from other parties. Why aren't they agile, vibrant or outspoken in their campaign for Nigerians to at least hear their voices? is a trillion naira question.

Maybe, they've accepted defeat even before the election Lol! Politics in the pulling of strings. Strings of lies on politicians part and faithlessness of Nigerians in standing for what's right for them. We need a miracle. And until a younger man with some credible character arises to contest, (Please don't ask me how we can be sure of one's credibility because you and I know records of previous activities speak well for individuals. Wasn't that why Prof Dora Akunyili became NAFDAC president?) #I'drathervoteformyself. Cheers!


  1. Hehehe....I have read on so many blogs bout this Election in Nigeria and everyone seems to wanna stay out of it...hehe...Lovely blog mami...

    Tibs Tells Tales

  2. pls, vote for Mrs Akpeni as the first Female president of Nigeria.

  3. Oh darling, you sure get my vote the day you get to step out.

  4. But wait oh, if everybody refuses to vote who then is gonna vote?

    Lovely blog thanks for stopping by.