Saturday, March 28, 2015

ROTFL.... Election Hilarious Incidents.

While the false alarm about the winners keeps coming, let us review some of the election unpleasant but hilaroius  incidents. Hehehee!

- The fouling of the air ( pollution Lol!) In combination with body odor is enough to make a pregnant woman nauseous
- The pushing and shoving of individuals is really frustrating. Some for the sheer fun of it. Others to be able to get into the queue.
The mischievous boys; is for them to hold ladies.
- The stepping on one's foot, almost plastered some people feet to the ground
- The ranting and scare of a fight, then peace again and again *sighs*
Like seriously! Still can get over the unpleasant smell, people were subjected to Lol! I must vote.

While we wait, let's keep praying for peace in our dear country Nigeria. Cheers!
S wirele

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