Monday, March 23, 2015

Shocking! A 14years Old Boy Violent Attitude Towards a 13years Old Girl.

I am worried about the kind of upbringing some children are receiving from their parents. Especially, after watching a 14years old boy loosened his belt from his waist and ready to wipe mercilessly a girl of 13 because she abused him. And ranting "I have your
mate at home." Seriously! I fear for the child, his future lady and the society at large.

Charity begins at home, they say. So who or what's influencing this child negatively? Is it his parents, neighbours, peers, movies or the society itself? These are questions bordering my mind.
Domestic violence, we all know needs to be curbed. Its not something to be tolerated. Seeing this boy acting the way he did I'm beginning to see the need to create awareness, even if there are existing ones, more hands are needed on deck in addressing this issue. This is not going to be just the government, Non governmental organization etc, but it'll take you and me, setting and living by example because these children are influenced by what goes on in the home front, society and even the movies they watch (including musical videos). Funny enough! Most parents and people are aware of this but too busy or lazy to do the proper thing. Yet, not so busy in demoralizing others. Though, not everyone. Yes! Most people spend too much time on nothingness, rather than contribute positively to man's existence. This is one of the reason I'm not publishing the child's name or picture. This blog is a medium where issues can be constructively viewed or examined from general perspective. Because no one is perfect. Besides name or picture isn't the bone of contention but how we can better influence the growing child to be a better person than you and I are today.

Please don't just wow! Or aww! Or exclaim in any way about this issue (even complain about the post being lenthy lol!) and end there. But spend some time to work out ways to help. From your home, school, place of work, church, mosque, shrine wherever you are be an advocate of peaceful existence. It all gets back into the society. This is a can of worm, that needs to be cleaned out. I understand the possibility of continuous cleaning to achieve and maintain the neatness. But you must agree, its better we worked at keeping it neat than filling more cans. Hopefully we will visit this issue on weekly basis. So, whatever bright ideas you have, please send a mail to I'll gladly share it. Cheers!


  1. God help us...

  2. May God help us train our children well.