Thursday, March 19, 2015

Snap Out of it Too! People will always have something to say about someone or thing.

It is terribly hurtful and your heart is squeezed tightly with pain. You wish you hadn't shared your deepest secret with someone you considered a friend. Now the world is talking, the birds singing and even the breeze whispering about it. Everyone you know is giving you that nasty look of worthlessness.
You try to hide your face, yet no where could be found. And of course, the earth isn't going to quake to swallow you or the person spreading and washing your dirty linen outside, even though you wished it. Now! The truth is; there's nothing you can do. Its a pity you trusted the wrong person. But then, you needed someone to talk to and he/she was the closest friend you had. There's no way you could have known, he/she'd spread it around. "And why?" You may never get an answer to that question.

We all know, every man has got some smelling cockroach hidden in his cupboard. Its a good thing yours has being brought out and your cupboard cleaned up. You don't need to hide anymore. Yeah! It shouldn't have being if you had kept mute but you didn't. And the worst has happened. Funny enough; things happen everyday in life that usually surpasses the one of yesterday. You just need to hold your head high, look straight into the eyes of anyone that stare at you, and wait until the next terrible thing occurs. Lol! Life is a pretty funny place with the way some people easily talk about everyone except themselves. Besides let's take a look at the worst scenario

- You were once a prostitute or an arm robbery: thank God, the only constant thing is changed. And let people continue to live in your past while you help them enjoy their present and plan their future for them while at it Lol!
- You've aborted severally and now wishing you could keep your present pregnancy. I'm sorry your friend got singing out your worries, but you should consider strongly in keeping your baby. Your parents did take responsibility for you. Oh you don't know who the father is or he has refused his responsibility towards you. That's his Loss. You have a name, give that to your child and commit him (the man) unto God.
- As a married lady you had extra marital affair. Hmmm! This is deep I must say. But I believe you're sorry about your actions, that's the reason you confided in your friend. As difficult as it is, go to your man and apologize. Let him know how deeply sorry you are. And please don't give excuses or defend yourself. Apologize and leave the rest in God's hands. Cheers!

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