Monday, March 30, 2015

Strive Through The Strife.

In the desert, I've been taught in geography class, its difficult for plants to grow. Yet, the cactus plant finds a way to survive by growing tap roots, that goes deeper than that of ordinary plant. So, a man should be in the midst of difficulties. How many times have you being told
"no good thing comes easy; hard work pays; those that make history are those that paid the price." Yet, you still buckle under challenges, inform of mockery of your dreams, delay, discouragement in pursuit etc. The truth is; man won't understand how important your dreams are to you or what you have to strive against to get to your destination in life expect you and God, your maker. And the reason is simple; they are also fighting their own war.

In the world today, man strive against man. The other wanting to be greater in religion, economics, education, politics etc. Forgetting the land and water areas and the population is large enough to accommodate everyone. The stories we hear everyday of how terrible life can be for people is making many to wish for rapture to occur now. Unfortunately, we are still here on earth. So we've got to strive through the strife. In the midst of the terrible things, greatness can still be achieved. You can survive in the desert, become the most memorable characteristics here on earth. Your target shouldn't be to be better than or be like someone else but to be the unique you. The imperfection of everyone is what makes the world a perfect place. Cheers!

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