Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Letter of Thanksgiving to God, On Behalf of Humans - Praise.

Dear God,

We can't just thank you enough for your love you keep showering upon us. You created us for your glory and honour. And today; some of us have publicly acknowledged that but privately despise you for the little things
you haven't done for us. Some of us on the other hand; publicly deny you because we don't want to be too spiritually incline and give a beautiful worship behind closed doors. And others have publicly and privately acknowledged your awesome greatness. In the two faced game, you still love us.

In the clash and confusion of different religion/beliefs which all bores down to the understanding of your supremacy, Lord thank you for not allowing it to wipe away the entire human race. Of course, there's so much evil in this world. Lord thank you for not allowing us to be consumed by it.

For those days, we feel justified for doing wrong against You and man, you yet forgives us. I imagine you looking down from heaven with a smile, knowing your love has covered it all.

Lord thank you for being God.
And everyone that got to read this, Cheers!

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