Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Dilemma of Being Single at 30 years and Above.

Welcome to TPJ weekly series of the dilemma of singles at 30years and above. Hope the week started on a good footing? And do have in mind your attitude towards life issue will determine the altitude you'll attain.

Today's dilemma:
I've noticed one thing over the years and its getting worse. People generally sees those things God hasn't made to happen in your life easily than His blessings upon you. And they don't hesitant to point it/them out. As a result of this, many singles are usually invited mostly to church programs with the following titles:

- My wedding must hold this year
- Behold the groom and bride
- Breaking the yoke of delay of marriage
- By fire deliver my ring
- Divine marital connection
- God settle my marriage
- Breaking the yoke of spiritual husband and wife
- Every witch delaying my marriage die. by fire
- Breaking marital ancestral/generational curse
- My husband/wife come forth.
And many more.
There's nothing wrong in attending these programs but please have your own personal/spiritual conviction about it. You should pray. Don't be desperate to the extent of forgetting all of God great works in your life. Besides, wherever, whatever and whoever you are, all you need is faith to receive your desires, not the number of church programs. God still and will always love you. Appreciate that love each day. Cheers!

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