Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Heat of the Beat.

Music they say is "food for the soul" and I agree with no doubt. The best part of every musical beat is the one you get to hear every second, pounding silently and sometimes loudly when strained. That's the "heart beat," reacting to your actions or activities. Another lovely beat is that of the birds
pecking on one's window sill early hours of the morning, singing a beautiful natural song, one gets to enjoy. Infact, if you live in an environment surrounded by trees you don't need an alarm clock to tell you when its 6am.

Music as the soul food, gives life to the universe, calms a man's rioting thoughts or help untangle entwined emotions and a soothing balm when in pain, by the lyrics and beat of songs. Year after year and from generation to generation, different type of music emerges, bringing forth unique styles. There was a time when even the danceable songs were soft tuned enough, not to be noisy. Oh! the lyrical content could add magic to a man's life. You could listen to songs at anytime because it calms you.

Today, I don't know where to place the beat of our music. In order to fit the saying of it being "food for the soul" because if it is, then we shouldn't be surprise or doubt that, we are being feed junks. The heat of the musical beat has gotten so hot, that's its practically burning our souls. Soon, if it doesn't cool down a notch, we all will be charred. I haven't seen anyone hurriedly drinking a hot cup of coffee or eating a meal. Most artist are trying to be a wrecking ball with their beats. Forgetting you'd have to clean up the mess thereafter. Some songs have got such fast pace, clashing beats, which may creep into the soul of many. Even in trying to get things done the easy way. And of course its the jet age, we've found ourselves . If its possible to scrap out exams or school system entirely, let men roll in the street, I wonder the yah! And Nah! Response we'd get from us. Lyrical content is an apology and abuse of words. I'm not saying songs should be morally based alone but it should be sensible. Cool or Hot; Fast or Slow, give us some sense and food for the soul; not heart attack. Cheers!

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  1. i love music... its gets me thru depression and mood swings.. its soothing and a needed relief.. good music though wif good lyrics.. dunnoy i should even have a music wif senseless lyrics ... btw nyc blog kisses