Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Sting of Being Light Skinned

I wrote this article last month but somehow I haven't gotten around to posting it on TPJ. I guess it was waiting for this lady's message above. It is very easy for people to assume you bleached or you are bleaching if you're light skinned. Most light skinned individuals are having to deal with this each day
. Especially, anyone that has got dark patches. It doesn't matter if its actually through natural means like birth mark. Enjoy reading the post below.

The light or fair skin colour is a Transparent, reflective complexion. And the beauty of it is easily appreciated. Majority of light skinned individual are considered beautiful, undermining the facial structure. This has led to some people doing all they can to brighten their colour. Yes! Different reasons are used to make the excuse of lightening one's skin palatable, such as, I've got spots/dark patches, acne (pimples) which a spot remover or lightening cream/soap is needed to do the magic of wiping away the spots. The thing is; its always difficult to let go after one begins the journey.
This has brought a sting to all light skinned persons being considered to be using skin lightening cream(in Africa mostly). Even the natural fair individual is under suspicious of tempering with his/her skin. People can be paranoid to the extent of accusing a little light skinned child of bleaching because she has dark knuckles which she was born with. Hmmm! But That doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of your skin, but when at it you should know " you are not your skin, but you are who lies beneath your skin." So, don't go overboard with it. Because Black or fair, learn to appreciate you and be proud in your own skin, besides no matter how hard you changes your skin, make up, side or down(hide and seek game), you will always be who you are!!!  Cheers!


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  3. Inner beauty is d fairest of them all.