Saturday, March 21, 2015

We're Sorry - The Grammar Bombing Conversation.

We at the TPJ house wish to apologize for the late updates in the past two days. We are presently in the village for an occasion and there's poor network reception, probably there may be no post till tomorrow. We're sorry to keep you waiting.
Frankly, we won't be here, if you aren't reading, commenting, sharing or following us - and for that we will be ever grateful. And you really don't want to know the struggle and what I had to do to get this post up Lol!

To keep you merry, here's the conversation I heard between three persons. That's what happens when different categories of people gather. If you're not careful your ears will be blocked by grammatical blunder.
1st Person: why did you people left me
2nd Person: sorry, its me that follow go front
3rd Person: You know its tay we see
1st Person: That's true, can you remind last
2nd Person: I cannot even remember myself
3rd Person: Forget that one, she is been waiting for you
2nd Person: Oya come and we go.
Lol! Please you can help write the correct sentences hahaha.

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