Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wrong Relationship Alert - I Need Some Drama in my Relationship.

Hmmm, pondering in thought. I wasn't expecting to handle this kind of issue on TPJ this soon. But here we are, with this request sent below.

Hi; Thanks for the wrong relationship alert. I'm not going to cut corners because this is driving me crazy.
I need some drama in my relationship. I just don't understand how possible it is for a man to love and never sees fault. You offend him is "sorry darling." He offends you is "sorry darling." No room to argue, how much more to fight. I love him much too but how do we actually get to understand each other without misunderstanding? Some heat to keep us on our feet. Somebody suggest ways to push him into a fight. The coldness is getting to a freezing point. Help please!

Ok, that is it. Please someone come to the rescue. Cheers!


  1. Hmmmmmmm its a serious issue,some ladies would like dis while some they wouldn't just like dis case. Let me speak from experience, there are men like that but very few in my own case i accepted it the way he was because i loved him and come to think of it every woman wants peace in her relationship, does it mean if u dont argue neither fight d relationship is not sweet? I almost lost him because i was able to make him argue with me then i realise it wasnt called for.

  2. Oh, someone's spoiling for a fight I see!.