Wednesday, April 08, 2015

A Little Bit of me in You. Yes! We're all a Reflection of One Another Character.

We live in a world were Psychologists have classified our temperaments into four categories that's the fundamental human personalities as follows:
- The Sanguine - optimism and leader-like.
- The Choleric: Bad tempered and quiet.
- The Melancholy: Analytical and quiet.
- The Phlegmatic: Relaxed and peaceful.
Though, it has being specified that an individual may possess more than one temperament. And these were furthered grouped into two:
The Introvert (indoor personality) which are the phlegmatic and melancholy.
The extrovert (outdoor personality)which are the sanguine and choleric.
The present world's population is nothing less than 7 billion. In essence, humans tend to act or behave in similar way sometimes.

The way we act or react to issues depends on our temperament. And ability to control the inert feelings that usually fight to possess our being. There's a proverb that says " if you scratch yourself, the way it is itching you, you'll probably peel your skin off." Meaning your reactions to actions should be measured and moderate at all times. Man needs to always remember we've all got feelings. Your ability to get hurt, shy, angry, pained, argumentative, offended etc as a result of others attitude towards you can be found in your nearest neighbour and this has got nothing to do with religion, tribe, country. Man is man. Yes! We all are a reflection of each other attitudes but may not be in the same magnitude. All the same, we are humans, capable of doing right or wrong. Let's not forget that in a hurry. All in the bide of passing judgment on one another. Some day, you just may be the victim of that which you vehemently condemned or judges today or that which you appreciates in someone else's can be found in you too.

I'm not going to rule out that: man can be wonderfully good or terribly evil sometimes(especially, in the present world we live in), just remember to be reasonable when reacting to situations. Ask yourself - will my reaction make things better or worse. Of course better, go for it; worse, take a moment to retrace your steps. Its time we all learn to be the reason one. Remember the road safety advice to drivers " if everyone driving on the road are mad people, consider yourself the only sane one. Lol!" You can do good all by yourself. When at it, keep in mind: there's a little bit of me in you. Cheers!


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  2. Great thoughts. Thanks for sharing

  3. Great post. Not forgetting to always put ourselves in the other person's shoes and think of the hurt or good our actions and words may bring


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