Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cheat if You Must But Give me Peace at Home - Today's Wives.

 Listening to a group of women discuss marriage issues today, i realized marital bliss isn't so blissful in some homes. Infact, its becoming an acceptable norm in some homes for the man (husbands) to:
- Cheat/Come home late (mid-night hours)/: Some say it is in their nature but everything is a choice and choices can be influenced by what a man is exposed to.
- Beat her
- and in some cases make her the bread winner of the house
They'll bear and tolerant any thing so long;
- They have peace at home
- They have some respect accorded to them
-The act is not brought to the matrimony home

- The man spends some time with her and children, if there are any and attend functions together as man and wife when necessary. The woman willingness to eat the crumbs falling from the table to keep her marriage, in order  not to be referred to as a divorcee becomes an excuse for the men to eat without considering how hurtful or downgrading eating crumbs may be? Honestly, our men should consider how pained they feel if a woman dares go out of her matrimonial home, the fact that they may never forgive such act. And respect the women folks for their effort.

And i have been wondering how did we get here? Ladies who or what gave us the mind set that men got the license to cheat because they are men. They really hate to "keep eating one soup all the time" so, some of them refers to having sex with just their wives. Seriously! isn't the woman eating that same soup now and ready to eat it with you any time any day. A woman is a woman with the same features. Then, if a man's excuse of cheating is to follow the norm, then he should just go back to kindergarten class where he can be repeating letters after the teacher. oh! beautiful women, you care less about his extra marital bliss. You've got to let him know if you can eat one soup(have sex with just him) for the rest of your lives together, he should and can do same. You two just need to find means of adding different spice anytime you've got to cook. Yeah! what do i know but my 2cent contribution.

He keeps you in the house and goes out, all by himself all the time and you dare not complain about that or anything because you'll become a punching bag. What does that make you? An ornament he purchased for decoration. oh! keeper of the house. You must realize bags get ruined and easily discarded. You really don't want to find yourself in that position. Most men beat because of their bruised ego which may not even be your doing, not because they've got the power over you. It shows how weak that man is. About being the bread winner will be alright if he appreciates your effort and working hard to atleast to turn situation around. Anything outside that is nothing but you trying to captain the titanic ship alone. Because, as a result of his incompetence, there will be a disaster someday which you may not survive. Ladies let's stop taking for granted the important things in our lives. Our feelings matters too.

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