Sunday, April 05, 2015

Easter Eclectic Question - Who Did I Marry?

Most people have come to understand that marriage is like Discovery Channel. Where different characters unfold everyday (the strange, hilarious, gruesome, lovable ones). It doesn't matter the number of days, weeks, months or years, you courted before the "I do ceremony" there are lots to learn after the marriage celebration. At that time, the relationship has entered a fresh channel/new phase. If you're musically incline: you'll know there's a difference between listening and dancing to a song and actually singing the song. During the years of courtship or otherwise, you're just listening and enjoying the song. After marriage you get to sing the song and also dance to its melody. Maybe you should go with "I don marry now" #Godwin lol.
Sometimes one or both of you may completely change octave, off key or change part. But your ability to accept your mistake determines the next key you'll climb. Bottom line is; understanding, love, compromise etc should keep you two on the same key. Now the genesis of Who Did I Marry?
Easter celebration waka waka nai only me carry myself go and thank God I did. Because this post won't have being born if not for it. Oya make I knack the tori.

I went visiting my cousin after church service, few minutes in the house, her neighbour/friend (Ese I'll call her, not her real name) came in complaining. Her husband has practically finished eating the chicken she intends to fry
Ese - I'm coming to fry my chicken in this house. Choii! Husband of life has almost eaten half of it.
Rita (my cousin) - laughing; ehen base on who he be. You nor know before?
Ese: No, like seriously, I didn't. In those days, before I married him, he wasn't like that. Infact I dey fear to pitch meat. Because I nor know when he won enter kitchen, greet me weldone, then carry himself comot. Now naaa, nai another dance he dey follow me dance so.
At that moment, the husband came in, trying to scold the wife for exposing him.
Husband: but my mum warned you
Wife : how?
Husband: remember when she told you whenever you plan to use 1600 meat that will be sufficient for a pot of soup, you make it 2000.
Wife: oh that was what the many many advice that day was about. Anyway, if you pick one more meat, I'm coming to fry the rest in this house. Which kin man I marry sef?(Who Did I Marry?)
Husband: your besty for life. (This is actually the long story being cut short).
At this stage, we all were laughing at the easter drama unfolding before us. After some petting and jokes around changes that occur after marriage, he promised to behave And they left. Oh! They're barely two months married.

So here is what I intend this post to be: hopefully every 3pm on sunday: the question "Who Did I Marry?" Will pop
Up here. It'll be appreciated if you share those discoveries, let's have a good laugh or give good advice. You're free to post as Anonymous, if you don't want your identity revealed. Or you could send a mail to or I'll share, leaving your personal details out. So Who Did You Marry? Cheers!


  1. Uhmmn, sweetie am not married but I enjoyed reading this post, hopefully someday when I am married I will drop a line here on who I married. Happy Easter

  2. I am too young to be married, but I do believe this is why so many divorces may have happened. No one really spends enough time getting to know who they are going to marry before they do so, and in the end they've married to someone they didn't know as well as they assumed.

  3. Um....I'm too young to get married but I have many friends with divorced parents.
    Where do you stand on the concept of online-dating-marriage? I would love to hear your thoughts.

  4. I'll be back to check this spot...

  5. Thanks all for your beautiful comments. Much appreciation. @Cindy I'll try write up a post about that. Hopefully on tuesday.

  6. I dated the most loving guy on the planet for 2 years, we got married and now every other day I ask myself who on earth did I marry? why do men have to pretend so much when they're trying to get the wife and afterwards show their true colours. If anyone had told me the toxic man I live with today is the same as the extra-perfect "baby" i dated for 2 years, i'd probably have asked the person to go see a shrink.

  7. When you form for each other during your courting/dating days, you are bound to turn up with bigger surprises when you finally marry.
    Shine your eye during courtship and try as much as possible to be yourselves. Don't be blinded by the romance: outings, romantic calls/texts, speaking with fake romantic airs and all. It will land you in trouble. When you open up, the other person will do same. Then if you both like what you see, you can continue.
    Romance is better and sweeter after marriage when you must have accepted your spouse for who he or she is during courtship. The remaining issues that will crop up will not surprise you. It helped me a lot. #teamblunt&loving.