Monday, April 06, 2015

Easter Eclectic Question - Who Do I Marry?

Yesterday, It was about the married couples question "Who Did I Marry?" And I got some comments about being too young to get married. Also, singles don't want to be left out. Infact, my dear friends have put me under house arrest, until this post is up. A forum too but for singles with conflicting choice to make. It'll be from both ladies and gentlemen sides. And it'll be every saturday at 12pm. The basic positive and negative qualities will be outlined for people to give a clear opinion, that may help in making a good choice.

Before the question, I must say; in life, our experiences today is based on the choices we made yesterday. It is not everything that's pleasant to your eyes, that's good for your life. So, before you make any choice be sure of:
- God's position in the choice
- The impact it'll have on your family (positive or negative).
- How it'll affect your future. (Positive or negative).

Alright! Ladies first *winks* - Who Do I Marry? Between these two gentlemen
1) Positive qualities.
An handsome business man, well to do, lovable, caring etc.
Negative qualities
He hardly makes one complete sentence without using past tense for present tense. Can't pronounced the letter "R" in a word. And very arrogant/commanding.
2) Positive qualities
Gentle and very calm, hardly gets angry, quick to apologise and forgive when offended.
He lied about having two children with another woman. (They aren't married anyway). It was when he was making plans for introduction, the lady came to create scene in his house.
Today, there won't be no question on the gentleman's part because none has being gotten yet, on saturday it will be then.
To be part of this forum, kindly send a mail with your conflicting choice to or Cheers!


  1. seriously onoz? i should choose a liar over someone who can"t modify his nouns????i prefer a jor... no baby mama wahala for me

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  2. Lol! Be ready to have "dowry" be replaced by "diary."

  3. Choose same with Favour, if he likes he should replace love with luff and children with sheedren no p, * tongue out *

  4. No one wants to live with a 'lion' at any point in time. Incorrect nouns or tenses can always be corrected and improved upon.

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