Friday, April 17, 2015 - How The Broken Heart Feels.

A poem to keep your heart in check and protected for a merry weekend. I know, no one wants to walk this road.

The bridges were burnt
The waters filled with dirt
The wind hit the deck
The rain drops like stone
The heart chilled with ache
The mind unreasonable
Painful was your act
Regret was the aftermath

The day is darkened
The night hour frightened
Sleep is on the roam
Endless is the journey
The brain ceased in thoughts
The mood as shadow
The taste of love
The venom of death

Unbearable is the pain
Oblivion will be a gain
Numbed is the body
Faceless you've become
Your name wiped out
Your sight a repulsion
The thought of you
The feel of hate

No matter how badly you've been heart broken, LOVE will still find you or You'll still find LOVE. Because life itself has got a serious sense of humour.

Photot Source: Google


  1. I thought that was lovely. Hopefully it will heal some broken heart out there. Have a nice weekend!

  2. no one wants to take a double dose in heartbroken it might kill it may live you shattered but, according to lorimanjohn love will find a way just be open hear ted at all times..have a fun full weekend

  3. Nice. Thanks very sharing girl.

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