Saturday, April 25, 2015

How Absurd Can it Get Referring to Your Father as Ma? Bruce Jenner a Woman!

Lol! The strangeness of a strange world made more strange by Bruce Jenner revelation. Yeah,and I can't seems to think of nothing but laugh at the craziness of today's world. Please! If you so want to be transgender; do it before you have children or forever hold your peace. Shuo! Its a good thing for the Kardashian family to tweet their support about Bruce Jenner revelation of being a woman. But it makes me wonder can the world get any crasier than children referring to their father as ma and mother as sir or gay marriages? Seriously! Things a bit too much for even the sane mind to handle. And yes I know I may not be speaking for everyone.

                                  Bruce, Kris and bridesmaid  during their wedding 
Even science has failed in this aspect. Because we were taught that; unlike charges (opposite) attract. As much as I would have loved to go biblical, I'll but hold my peace on that for today because we all know how and what it should truly be as a couple - Man&Woman. Oh! I forgot human right. Do as it pleases you hmmm! I would have hated science if not for the likes of their invention of electricity and others that has made life easy to live. Because today's science is what has  made some people of the world to think they can make iron to float on water or make man to walk or turn the earth upside down. In all of these, let's not all
loss our sanity. Cheers!

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  1. people re twisted i swear

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