Friday, April 24, 2015

I Love You! Does it Matter?

I Love you! I Love you!! I Love you!!!
Yeah! That's supposed to be the most beautiful words amongst couples and loved ones. But today, it has become nothing but just ordinary expression of words with some people. The power of those words is gradually losing strength and value same as endearing names calling amongst lovers. Its so easy to say the words as a lie or with no string attached.

Today's generation has learned to believe only when actions speaks louder than words. Words spoken from the heart has a way of relieving ones mind from worries or doubt. Especially, if spoken from the heart that cares. There's nothing as comforting as knowing that you're well loved by those that professed the words. People are worth loving. So, when we say "I love you" let it be from a sincere heart or let the words remind in your heart if its not to be truly spoken. Cheers!

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