Thursday, April 09, 2015

Ladies: How To Recognize Men That Are Wolves in Sheep Clothing (WISC) in Relationships.

As the day goes by, more new ministerial content are just building up in TPJ's house. Even I know not what to expect. Thanks to God almighty. This article may or may not agree with you but I'll oblige you to kindly read to the end.

Over the weeks I've got and heard series of complain from some ladies, especially ones still in singles department about the gentle dove (nice guys) being wolves in sheep clothing. They're only in the lady's life for reasons best known to them except love. If you're rich; it may be to get some money out of you. Some just to satisfy their sexual needs, others may use the lady as a means to an end. Bottom line, selfish interest(s). So, I decided to compile some of those complains? The symptoms they overlooked hehehe!

1) He may potray two extreme characters, he's either of fewer words or full of promises of how bright the future can be: Yes they say men are of few words but the wolf in sheep clothing (WISC) is of fewer words. His words are bottled up, never reflecting much of how he feels. So, its difficult to tell when he's offended or happy or he's very quick to start making marriage promises and talking about a colourful future.

2) His level of patience/tolerance is Alarming: Hardly gets angry, no matter how idiotic, childish or quarrelsome you get. Of course, there are nice gentlemen, that can tolerate ladies excesses but still dim it fit to correct or chastise when necessary but not harshly. Slap one side of his cheek, he'd tell you it hurts even if he'll never lay his hands on you. But WISC men are extra nice. Slap them on one cheek, they'd smile and ask you to slap the other. Though in their mind, they wish to slap nonsense out of you. Too bad he can't because there's still a mission to accomplish?

3) He treats every lady special: Every lady he comes across is either a sweetheart, princess or darling. Threats them as butterfly. The problem is: you don't know when his sweetheart is an affectionate one or not. Of course it makes you edgy and suspicious of his every move. And you should. It may help in protecting your heart from being smashed. Well, ladies should be specially treated but a man shouldn't be affectionate towards all.

4) Always ready to apologize: Whether right or wrong, he's always ready to take the blame. Yeah! Means he loves you just so very much. It could also means he's compiling everything until the day of reckony. Simple thing to do is to watch how he treats people generally. You'll know if its his nature or not.

5) He's always having one financial crisis or the other: Amongst all his friends, his lady will be the first stop to ask for assistance. Assist, if you wish to, but be careful not to empty all your bank accounts.

6) He finds it difficult introducing you as his lady: When you meet new friends or a dear one, he prefers to keep you at arms length. Even when he manages an introduction, he drags over it. Infact, he completely avoids such scene by giving flimsy excuse.

7) He acts like he's ready to take up the world to ensure his lady happiness. I've read that: a woman who asks for nothing deserves everything. In his case you ask not; you get not. Infact, you've got to repeatedly remind him. And each time, he acts like he actually forgot. Sometimes, when he discovers your needs, he gives complain of worse situation that he's in. Foolishly, you may end up making sacrifices. The annoying one is when he's got a solution to whatever situation you're in but will tell a hundred and one reasons why he can't help and he's over protective. You're usually careful when interacting with the opposite sex because you have no desire of making your man suspicious of your actions *sighs*.

There, your perfect Mr nice gentleman (WISC). As a lady, when you have a gut feeling/an hush about the man in your life, don't thrash it. Pay attention to it, ask questions that can help fill the gap and pray until you're sure its nothing but a gut feeling. All said and done, do remember; the only constant thing in life is change. He may come with not so good intention but how you handle the relationship will determine the outcome or the possibility of a change. Stay with us for the sequel on how you can win WISC over.

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  1. Hmmm, this will help a great deal. Men(WISC) can fool me with everything you mentioned above o but never with No. 5...mbanu!

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  2. They are more of these kind of men these days. But with this great post am more than equipped.

  3. deres nuffin wrong wif a man who has a highlevelof tolerance or who apologizes... btw nyc post tho

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