Saturday, April 04, 2015

Ladies: Reasons You Should Be Married Before You Hit 30.

First of all; hey! I know what came into your mind. *winks* we aren't going down low but stepping up. Well, to clear the air, so that, we can breathe and read with ease, this article is not about single ladies that are in their 30's, already in a relationship, engaged or believing God for a spouse because God is a perfecter of all good things. But for the ladies below 30 that think life is on a stand still for them. They've got all the time in the world to be choosy/picky and breaking hearts or jumping from Mr John to Jones bed, murdering innocent babies because of their carelessness. Time is like an express train, waits for no one. Now we will examine the reasons under three categories: societal, medical and personal reasons as follows:

Societal - Some of you already know, experienced it and believe that the level of responsibility of single ladies at 30's is most times questionable by the society at large. It doesn't matter if you're Agbani Darego, Linda Ikeji or Ono Bello. If you go doubting I'll cite two incidents.
- A single lady was driving forward in a filling station to buy fuel and suddenly a car just speed and parked in front of her. A lady like her came out but wearing a double ring. And an argument ensued heatedly. As people tried separating them, the married one slapped the other. As she tried to retaliate, some man held her hand and started shouting "you want to slap another man's wife abi? Them go just beat nonsense comot from your body." The poor lady was devastated. I cried too on her behalf.
- Another incident was at five junction Benin, during the road construction 2013. I was riding with a friend, I must tell you James Bond needs to employ her as a driver. The hold up was thick but she kept maneuvering her way through. From no where some man started insulting us " All these Benin ashwo small small girls don carry motor dey misbehave for road." Of course, in the process of correcting the man, she took her hand from the steering wheel. Oh my goodness! This man started apologizing profusely when he noticed she was married and a proper look showed the baby in the car seat in the back. And many more. Funny world. Ones personality is judged based on a double ring.

Medical - This is not to scare but to keep you informed. I'll explain in a literal way. Because the medical terms are way too big and scary Lol! Well, medicines says; there's a steep decline in women's fertility with age. So, if you can avoid the worry and scare, please do. Now I'm not saying go be all desperate and pin down some man with pregnancy but be sincere in what you want in a man and be settled.

Personal - This may not be 100% true or even 70%. They're my personal observations.
- The suitors thins out. And some times, you have men younger than you seeking you out. Even the ones that are older wants to make you feel they're doing you a favour and expects you to make it easy.
- If you happen to be the working class and unlucky, you'll be meeting men that keeps expecting to gain some financial assistance from you Lol!
- Games men play can be terrible. Some just want to come grab some share (you know what I mean) and off they go with a piece of your heart. That's why I've always encouraged Ladies to keep sex out, until he takes you into his home honourably. God is ever faithful. Cheers!


  1. Interesting article!

    To an extent, you are right. Our culture has made us so 'maritally aware' we should be married at a certain age and all. I'll speak from experience. I might not know what it feels like to be single at 30, but there are times I wish I had waited, and grown, to discover my-self as a bachelorette.

    Regarding the respect accorded a married woman, that is very true. Traditionally, a lot of credence is given to a married woman compared to a single one.

    Still, I think it's two-sided, whether you get married before 30 or after, you'd always face certain strains and 'wahala'. In all, as much as it is not bad to get married before the 30 (especially in terms of having children on time, as an instance, my oldest is thought to be my sister, and we 'fight' over my shoes now! Lol).

    I think it has to do with the individual and not what people expect of nor from you.

    In terms of being selective, it's natural... we tend to want the 'perfect partner'.

    Regardless of WHEN you get married_ at, before or after, wisdom must needs be exercised, as they say, 'shine your eye!'

  2. Great write up! But I seriously think that marriage shouldn't be associated with age but what can we do, we live in society where everyone expects you to get married at a certain age and if you dont, they start carrying your matter on their head like pure water sellers.
    I must get married before 30 sha. lol.

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  3. this society can put pressure on people sha

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  4. Interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing!


  6. Yea, I hate this article, and seriously, even though we are Africans, we are way past the era for yu to preach nonsense about marriage to us. If you are worried about kids, then have a baby and be at peace with yourself. Dont preach archaic nonsense to us!!!

  7. Thanks everyone for your wonderful comment, much appreciated. Especially Anonymous April 07, 2015 10:11 and Anonymous April 08, 2015 9:19. Your point is very well noted and I wished you'd commented with a name for me to associate you with. Well, for the sake of clarification, I'd refer you to the first paragraphy. I explained explicitely that this article is not to antagonise anyone, especially single ladies already above 30 because I believe God is a perfecter of all good things(Jeremaih 29:11). But for the young ones that keep jumping from one bed to another (even that of other ladies husbands) to have a rethink. Its a pity you didn't digest that part before writing your comment. Unless you want me to believe you're one of such individual listed in the various categories. Information can't kill but rather make you. Don't forget: ignorance is a disease. Thank you again and may God's love continually shine upon us (Amen). Cheers!