Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Letter Of Appeal To Mr & Mrs - Save The Marriage.

I choke with tears when I read or hear stories about marriages going through turbulent times, how the situation is being publicized on the internet. One begins to wonder what happened to the love shared before, on the wedding day and few weeks, months or years after wedding. Where did it go? If it died, what killed it? Can't it be resurrected or you're not willing to try? These are questions you (Mr&Mrs) sincerely need to ask and answer yourselves. The most awesome moment in marriage ceremony is the exchange of  vows. The promise to hold and behold each other. The reflection of a smile and the kiss of happily ever after. With the knowledge I believe, that there may be some giants to conquer on certain occasions to stay happy. How big can those giants be to make you two flee from your own property? To give up even before the war began? What's your excuse? How difficult is it to make your word your bond? So many questions that desperately need answers.

The one that baffles me is married women sunning their dirty linen outside by posting their husbands chat with his mistress(es) on blogs. What do  they expect the public to do with it? I really don't understand. If its too dirty to wash privately, then soak it with bleach for many days(meaning: if you have to lock yourselves up for days, no visitors or visiting until you sort out your issues, please do). Even if it may not be sparkling new, atleast it won't be an appalling sight when you'd get to hang it out. Because people will only have nasty things to say about dirt. Especially the smelling ones. How dirty can your linen be? Every one has got one or more that they are secretly washing and keeping clean from the public eyes. If you think your story is worst wait until you hear your neighbour tell his or hers.

Oh please! Don't tell me you were forced to marry him/her. Or you had no choice because of the baby on the way. Its simple: whatever force that propelled you to exchange the vows of love, allow it to keep pushing you to protect and save your marriage from every giant. Disappoint people and even yourselves that you can make it work. And of course; you can reinforce by being obedient to God's directives. The bible  simplifies it in Ephesians 5: 22-33. 
  Husband love your wife
  Wife submit to your husband

How difficult can it be when there's division of labour? It is to lessen the weight. But that's not the case from what I read and hear about marriages. Even some married couples keep telling the singles how difficult being married is or can be. Scaring the daylight out of them. There are too many evil/ills that man is dealing with day to day. The massive death of people in terror, incurable diseases, where by everyone's knees need to be on the ground in intercession for everyone's life.  and yours is what?
 - A cheating/nagging/manner-less/not so beautiful or handsome  spouse
 - Insatiable sex life
- Pride, lack of understanding and what have you........... etc
Can all be taken care of  if you could look inward, search your map(the bible), seek for help medically, psychologically or otherwise. But please definitely not babalawo (witch doctor) and accept your lapses. Yeah! Its that easy. Just as it is easy to cry when someone drops dead. I believe that isn't your aim or target in life's pursuit. Because the scare you create could or may  bring to a frightful end/death of some beautiful relationships. Don't let your contribution to relationship be in this manner. Learn to deal with a sincere heart.

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  1. A really great post...I am often astounded at the lengths some people go to to get revenge when their marriages break up.
    How could anyone do such things to someone they once claimed to love?
    Surely, love is unconditional...isn't it?
    So...things can sometimes go wrong to the point that two people feel they can no longer live together. But, surely, that should be worked through with tolerance and compassion...not anger and a desire to humiliate or hurt the other person publicly.
    I will never understand such "logic" if I live to be a hundred years old!

    Thank you so much for this deep and thought-provoking post.
    Certainly had me thinking! :)

    Have a great day.:))

  2. Mehnnnnnnnn....I recommend this to married couples out there whose marriage has gone sour....**sigh**...How are you mami...

  3. "If its too dirty to wash privately, then soak it with bleach for many day" i like this part.

    Interesting post.

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  4. let it be your lesson, at the end i also recommend this for married couples..

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