Monday, April 13, 2015

My Meat For Your Poison.

The world is filled with insatiable needs of man and different desires. What I have may be what you're dreaming to have and what you have is my dream. There's a void to be filled or a gap to be bridged in my life with what you have. So is my thought. Unfortunately or fortunately that happens to be your thought. How can this be arranged? Becomes a thousand naira question. Seriously! It isn't worth a million naira. Because this world is made perfectly imperfect by the different possessions in our custody. The one million Naira question is "how long do you intend longing for someone else's possessions?"

Do you still remember those christmas celebrations as a little girl/boy? How you fight over clothes with your siblings? Yeah! Some of us did have such opportunities. Same style of gown but different colours. One person may prefer blue and another yellow. That doesn't make yellow or blue less beautiful but just sets apart how different our taste can be. You need to stop wondering why God created you the way you are. Because that which you consider to be odd about you maybe what someone will love you for or wish to have in his/her possession. The one that makes me laugh out loud is when people give out what they consider as the POISON that can RUIN their lives; only to find out its actually the MEAT that God has given to them to be NOURISHED. But they refused to see it that way. Please humour me and read the biblical story of the servants that were given Talents by their master who was going on a Journey from the book of Matthew 25:14-30.

The time you're spending wishing you'd had a better job, could be utilize in being exceptional in your present job. And there are people actually wishing to be in your position. Even people in romantic relationships aren't left out. Whether boy/girlfriend, fiance/fiancee, husband/wife. Some of you may disagree with this but even if not so much there are women/men wishing if only they're with a more beautiful/handsome, curvy/broad, rich, intelligent, taller spouse etc. This would have being that or that would have be this Lol! Yeah! Some did go as far as voicing it out. Well, to some, it may be a joke or compliment to the man or lady. In that aspect; it is safe to say no harms done. What have you got? Meat: use it to nourish your life or Poison: Refine it to preserve your life. Whichever one: the way you handle it, makes it what it becomes to you. Cheers!


  1. Thanks babes. Can I post this on my blog pleaseeee?

  2. Thanks for spending these moments here and I'm glad you liked it. Yes! You can, so long it is accredited to me.

  3. Beautiful piece.

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  4. This age-old dilemma...some of us still fight over them clothes yea LOL. It's always a blessing to read your work; pushing is work, but don't you EVER stop. Blessings