Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Nepal Earth Quake Victim Rescued After 82 Hours of Being Trapped Among Dead Bodies Reveals he Drank His Own Urine to Stay Alive.

A Nepal earthquake survivor who was trapped under rubble next to dead bodies for 82 hours today told how he stayed alive by drinking his own urine.
Rishi Khanal, 27, had just finished lunch at a hotel in Kathmandu and had gone up to the second floor when the 7.8-magnitude quake caused the building to crumble around him.

He was struck by falling masonry and became trapped with his foot crushed under rubble.  
Speaking from his hospital bed today, surrounded by his family, he said: 'I had some hope but by yesterday I'd given up. 
'My nails went all white and my lips cracked... I was sure no one was coming for me. I was certain I was going to die.'

The British Foreign Office said the victim was a non-UK resident, but did not release any further details. 
Mr Khamal said he was surrounded by dead bodies and a terrible smell.
But he kept banging on the rubble all around him and eventually this brought a French rescue team that extracted him after an operation lasting many hours. 
By the time he was pulled out, he had been trapped — in what could have become his tomb — for 82 hours.
'There was no sound going out or coming in. I kept banging against the rubble and finally someone responded and came to help. 

'I hadn't eaten or had anything to drink so I drank my own urine.'
It was not clear if he was a hotel employee or a guest.
'It feels good. I am thankful,' he said. He taken away for surgery before more details could be obtained.
His incredible tale of survivor comes as the death toll from the earthquake four days ago rose past 5,000 today as officials conceded they had made mistakes in their initial response by leaving survivors stranded in remote villages waiting for aid and relief.

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