Monday, April 27, 2015

New Man Season 2 Launched to Continue the Fight Against Malaria

 In the quest of  fighting against malaria “The New Man” season two has been lauched and a “National Malaria Theme Song” performed by Tuface Idibia.

 Newman Street is an innovative/entertaining TV series that focuses on addressing key health issues challenging Nigerians like malaria & family planning. It's a must watch for all Nigerians, to be aired on AIT, NTA and more stations.
Initiated by Center for Communications Programs Nigeria (CCPN) & Nollywood Concept Promotion (NCP) with support from USAID, UNFPA, UKaid and JHUCCP. 

“No child should die of malaria. No child and no pregnant woman should be denied access to effective and readily available treatment because of where they live, or how poor they are. Deaths from malaria are preventable and it is up to all of us – governments, the local & international community, health professionals, or donors – to put measures in place to defeat this devastating disease once and for all. Stay tuned with New man and get educated.cheers!

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