Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Oops! There Are No More Fishes in the River, They're All in the Net. Forgive me Internet.

The world they say now, is a global village. Mind you; a village, not a town or city. Meaning everyone can have access to everyone information and anyone business can become everyone's business. In here, we all are the elders, even the priest of the village. Yes! Everyone is entitle to say and speak to whoever freely. What a world we live in

I know so much is being said concerning life on the internet but I do wish to add my 2cent. Life on the internet is sometimes, if not mostly built on falsehood or unnecessary magnification of one's existence. Thank God for technological improvement and thank humans for abuse/misuse. So many people have forgotten how to live realistically in the various towns or cities they're in but chose to live a dream on a global village as a means to an end. Hmmm! The end mostly differs from individual to individual. Some are genuine while others are fake. The problem is, its very difficult to deduce who's real and who's fake, with the exception of people you already are familiar with. But people have discovered the easiest way to deceive is through the use of the net. Even people take their relationship from the real world into the net for display. Let others see how beautiful their world is. Yet! In reality is a huge struggle. Not to mention the hook ups of some on the net and did take it to reality, to find out the reality is just an appalling version of what was on the net. Of course what do you expect when photo shop can't change the real physical look or character of an individual? Despite this more fishes are still jumping into the Net. Forgive me more humans are still living their lives on the internet.

Online Dating/Marriage: this is one of the most heart rendering issue. There are lots of atrocities going on right now on the internet. Online pornography, sex chat rooms, people ready to bare it all, especially ladies and the anonymity involved makes it an exceptionally dangerous place to engage in a relationship. Last year and just recently it was all over the news; the death of a young girl and a school teacher just after meeting with a man they both met on a social network. Till date, I'm yet to hear how those cases were resolved. Oh please don't be deceived by religious chat room. Some just use that as an umbrella to hide their true identity. I'm not saying you can't make or find true friends on the net. I'm just saying you've got to employ maximum caution as to when exchanging information, no matter how nice and awesome the person makes you feel. Until you meet outside the net, your relationship is nothing but an enclosed lie. Huh? Yes, enclosed lies that may be true when exposed. until you jump out of the net into the river, you'll never be sure of the depth or width of the river you're to swim in. Well, I can't fail to recognize how social network helps to connect with old friends and school mates easily. Especially the ones with their real names, not nick or internet names, yea! Infact lots of people have internet name. Nonetheless, recognize the fact that times changes yesterday, so do people.
It baffles me when people believe the best place to overcome heartbreak or sorrow is the internet. Hooking up with someone on the net to get over loneliness is like jumping from frying pan into the fire.

Conclusively, online-dating-marriage is nothing but scam, until it gets out of the net (although, some persons finds it easier living on the net than swimming in the river). And please going into the net with your relationship is like demeaning what you have. Its not about sounding a gourd round the village, announcing how much you love or don't love or how perfectly imperfect your life is but its about navigating through the various streets (life issues) of the city without crashing. Even when you do, you still hold on to each other hands, knowing you'd get to fix things. Basically, limit the information you supply on the net because all can be positively or negatively used against you. So much for my 2cent. Lol and cheers!


  1. What a blog, i really think WAEC and JAMB need to borrow your hand for their exams use of english summary and passages. Great writing!

  2. What a blog, i really think WAEC and JAMB need to borrow your hand for their exams use of english summary and passages. Great writing!

  3. Solo Tive my brotherly finally got to place his comments on my blog. Thanks dear #gloryToGod.

  4. Onomiroro... this is an honest and true assesment of the internet..nothing or no one can be trusted... people can be so fake... it is sad.

    You have to interact in many ways... even then you never really know somebody you spend lots of time with them :-)

  5. This is the world we live in today. Being careful can't be overrated Launna.... I'm glad you visited.

  6. there are somefins i don't even waste my time wif...online dating is one of them

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