Friday, April 24, 2015

Round The Country: Prof. Bolaji Akinyemi on Xenophobia - The Nigeria Government isn't Doing Enough

During his interview with Channels TV, the former minister of external affairs 1985-1987 under President Ibrahim Babangida administration, has stated that the Nigeria government isn't doing enough to protect Nigerians in South Africa against xenophobic attack. Many more people happened to share his view as  more people are being killed and properties destroyed.
Other countries such as Malawi has decided to put under lock and keys all businesses owned by South Africans such as shoprite . As it seems the Malawi citizens have being most hit by the attack. Hopefully, Nigerians will be evacuated before more harm is done. We can but keep praying for peace for we all are but a people.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in Preparation for May 29.

In preparation for the May 29 when the new administration will be inaugurated, the President is taking steps in restoring the various cities, towns and villages to their pre-elections campaign state. President Goodluck Jonathan has requested the removal of election campaign posters (all posted bills), banners and signs. And all materials used during his re-election bid, which are still standing in many cities.

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