Saturday, April 25, 2015

Round the Town of Sapele: Akintola Junction Traffic a Heart Burn Disease and Black Out in Urhuakpa Over 8 Months.

We all know That most Nigerians are always in a rush. No one seems to be ready to wait for the other. And this syndrome sometimes keeps people stunk in Akintola junction traffic mostly morning and night hours. I can't fathom who to be blamed for this hideous situation.
- The government that has refused to repair the traffic lights or
- The impatient drivers, riders and passengers.
I really hope that no one (government or otherwise) will wait for a disaster before fixing the situation.

Black Out in Urhruakpa and Other Areas Over 8 Months.
It has become a terrible situation when it comes to the issue of electricity in Sapele. Many businesses, especially small scale ones has folded because they couldn't afford the frequent trip to the filling station. For over 8 months now Urhuakpa area is in complete black out. Also, Mtn area at Okirighwe over 1 month. Not to mention Ugberikoko and other areas that are suffering from low voltage. Places like Agoba and part of Atufe stayed over 8moths in darkness. And when power was finally restored, they served outrageous bill of over 12 thousand Naira. This bill was generated without the residents having any power supply for over 8months. This is becoming a source of concern to Sapele dwellers.

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