Friday, April 24, 2015

And Some are Still Asking: Should the President Have Conceded to Defeat?

Thank God for the reality of the change that most Nigerians  have clamoured for; the hope that the future isn'tso bland after all; the votes that were counted and most especially, the peace that reigned after the announcement of the presidential election win. This even surprised the entire world. And has made President Good Ebele Jonathan a noble man: a knight in shinning armour that saved Nigeria and Nigerians from their worse fear of division through blood shed.
   But in case, this question is still running through your mind, here are my rationalized answer to it.
- Yes! The President should have accepted defeat, if not for any other reason but the fact he'd insisted initially not to stay in office more than 2015. Its just a hard thing to find credible politicians that can keep their words


- For the peace of Nigeria, let the sleeping dog lie.
- The way Jega read out the results did show the votes of Nigerians were counted
- Oh! We really shouldn't try picturing the possible outcome if the president hasn't conceded to defeat. Maybe by now some people will be walking down the border with loads on their heads, some probably stepping over dead corpse of loved ones or protesting against injustice. Hmmm! I believe no one wants to intentionally be responsible for anyone's blood shed. Yes! This may or may not have been the worst that might have happened if Mr President hasn't conceded to defeat. For that; Nigerians and even the world call  will always call him an HONOURABLE MAN.

Saturday(25/4/15) is fast approaching for the  re run of elections declared inconclusive and it is believed that our votes do count now. Though I wonder if we will be seeing the end of election ringing soon. Even then, exercise your right. You're the Landlord and tenant of it. Your one vote can make a difference. Cheers!

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