Thursday, April 23, 2015

Shuoo! How True is This Gentlemen? Reasons Why Some Men Don't Like Women

I listened to some engineering students arguing vehemently if all men like women. They kept tossing their points to and fro that every man likes women. Not even sparing the priests. In the heat of it one of them suggested that men that don't like women are in three categories. When he has explained, the others concurred. So here are the reasons why some men don't like women. I'm going to write it exactly how he categorized it in pidgin English Lol!

1) Man wey nor sabi perform - that means men that can't sexually satisfy a woman. Sometimes the man may be partially or completely impotent. Because of his inability he prefers to stay away from women.

2) Man wey dem don break e heart anyway - that's men that has experienced heart break more than once. As a result of that, they get scared of getting into any relationship.

3) Man wey nor get money - men that don't  have money to take care of themselves won't want to dabble with women. And men believe today's woman like money too much. Ladies I don't about but I believe love is all that matters. *winks.*



  1. hahahahah.... e fit be true o

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