Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Single, Abstaining and Sexually Aroused; How do You Deal?

 Wow! Have you ever felt like you're drowning in the middle of the ocean (being sexually aroused) with no means of rescue and you're left with either drowning (masturbation) or being eaten up by sharks (actually sleeping with someone)Ugrrr! None is a great ending. Then you've got to seek for a miracle.
Yeah! Some singles have had reason to feel this way sometimes. Especially the ladies during Ovulation period when the eggs got a feeling of drop it like its hot. You just wanna do the deal and get some pleasure and act like nothing did happened. Unfortunately! Something did and  if you're unlucky, more things will grow out of it. You know you just didn't offend yourself only but God too. Then the guilt tripping journey begins. Oh! You aren't abstaining because of religion teaching only, you just realise you don't need to sell yourself short by continual increase in the numbers of men/women you'll sleep with before the I do ceremony.  But this guilt and worry trip can be avoided by simply understanding the simple logic of not dealing with sex when aroused.

- Don't think: The mind is a wanderer. And whenever on a journey, it tend to check every available options. So, right your mind by not thinking on how or what you're feeling. That will keep your nerves calm.

- Get busy or get out: Hey! This has got nothing to do with reading a book or watching a movie because, before you realize it, you'll start seeing images of being entwined with a man/woman. Especially sensual ones *winks* that will worsen the situation. You can emmm... Work out if you have access to a gym, cook even if you're having food. Or mingle with close friends. Please not friends of the opposite sex, that may probably hit on you. That will be like Eve and the forbidden fruit saga.

- Talk to your Father: This has got nothing to do with being religion, churchy or spirituality. But just you making a good decision that your heavenly father is proud of. Yeah! God delights when we do our best to please him.
Check this simple prayer:
Dear God, thank you for being such a merciful father. Lord I want to do right by you but on my own, I'll fail. Please make your strength to be sufficient for me in my moments of weakness (2Corinthians 12:9).
It is as simple as that. For the record, the sexual urge may not go away, but you'll be strong enough to move past the temptation. If you're in agreement that sex is worth waiting for till marriage ceremony is over, tweet @meetono on twitter with the hastag  #NoVowsNoSex.


  1. I know I cant hold myself that much, I just fined a gal and f...k...........