Thursday, April 02, 2015

Snap Out of it - Heartbreak Hangover!

It is Thursday, our usual day of snapping out of issues that we deal with from time to time. Today we'll look at heartbreak hangover by examing the story of a dear friend. Its with her permission I share this. Didn't want to because of the closeness but she insisted. Hoping someone (lady) will get to learn from her foolishness as she has asked me to refer to what happened to her. I've read and heard about stories of how single ladies and gentlemen tends to deceive each other but I never had a close call until now. Its a terrible situation to find out all you hold dear to you in a relationship is nothing but a mirage. The story thus:

She got home from work on Monday and bringing her phone out, she noticed a whatsapp message from her supposed fiancé and the first line was invitation! Invitation!! Quickly she opened and lo and behold it was about his forth coming wedding. Of course! Her phone landed on the ground, that was went I rushed out of the room. It took a long time of asking what happened over and over again before the phone was coupled and I read the message. I was shocked but not deeply because I believe when a man keeps demanding for huge financial assistance from his woman he's up to no good. That was what happened in her case. They met two years ago when he came to serve our nation in her office. She's 30 and he was 29. But he insisted that the one year difference matters not. Most part of his service, he didn't have to spend his allowance because he said he wants to use it to seek for job after NYSC. And my dear friend took care of his bills.

He finished service and traveled back home. He's at the other side of the map and she the other extreme and that started creating problems. Especially with the killings everyday. After much argument they finally compromised to be shuttling between the two sides until he's able to get a job. Meanwhile she sends him money on monthly basis. Talked with the family once in a while. Then he finally told her he's gotten a job in the public sector but needed to pay five hundred thousand for it, (500,000). When asked of the NYSC savings. All manners of stories where given. Well, after all said and done, she borrowed money to add to her little savings and gave him. Since then, it has being one quarrel to another. Finding faults, complaining about everything on earth. Of course we knew something was fishing but not so sure. So, the decision was to travel to see him during vacation barely six weeks of receiving that money and now the text message came.

She was so devastated, she couldn't eat for almost two days. When I called the guy up, he screamed that he thought he removed her number when sending the broadcast. Like seriously. I couldn't tell her what he said. Well, I've told her to let go. No need even calling him up. That's another waste of resources. Oh her money. Will the guy be kind enough to return it? Should she demand for it? Is it what the unnecessary attention this may create. And no doubt, its probably what he's using to plan for the wedding.

How can she get over this heartbreak hangover is now the confused state we've all found ourselves. If you find yourself in this state my suggestion is.
- Go on a vacation if you can afford it.
You just may find another genuine man *winks*
- Try not to mourn too much because you'll just keep hurting yourself more.
- Go to God to heal you. I'm not saying pray. Just talk to him the way you would have converse with a dear friend. Tell him exactly and how it hurts. He will fix it. Hope to hear your suggestion dear friends. Cheers!

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