Thursday, April 16, 2015

Snap Out of it - You Were Lied Against Not Laid in the Grave.

I know the first thought that may cross some people's mind when they read the topic will be: one is better of dead than to be lied against in a certain way. But I have this to say; its best you're alive. Someday will be the day of vindication. I understand that lies may be so well woven that one won't know where to begin untangling it. Then, it is important you remember the proverb "nothing hidden under the sun that can't be found." And of course our God is a God of vengeance (Romans 12:19). You should Google the story of George Stinney; sentenced to death at 14 and vindicated after 70years.

It hurts real bad, I'll try to understand how weighty it is when lied upon. You want to try and explain, say what you know really happened or didn't happened. Unfortunately, no one is listening. Even the ones that managed to listen don't believe. Some try to hide it; others say it to your face. And the harder you try explaining, the more complicated you make the issue. Why is that? Because the people you're trying so hard to tell the truth may just be the ones spreading the lie. Haven't you heard that bad/negative news travels faster than good. That's the delight of certain humans. It's sad you've found yourself just in the middle of a wild fire that shouldn't be lighted. But its my delight to tell you that, there's always a fourth man in the middle of the fire (Daniel 3:16). He'll find a way to protect you from getting burnt. No matter how serious or difficult the situation is.

By the way, what's the lie?
- You stole or killed someone: Now your own life is at skate for a crime you didn't commit.
- You're a rapist
- You slept in a man's house and now he's busy telling everyone he's having sex with you whereas, you rebuffed his moves. And you did sleep after he promised he wasn't going to act funny. Too bad you believed him.
- You're a fraudsater/scammer because you've choosen to work hard to earn money instead being misled.
The list is numerous.
- And in all of it you must learn not to be defensive or attack by explaining again and again to everyone who cares to listen 0r fight them. You're just helping to worsen the situation
- But do state precisely your own side of the story to those that cares(family or friends). And let God stir you out of the fire and seal the lions mouth. After reading Daniel chapter 3&6, you'll learn how God is and will always be in the middle of your situation. Patient and courage is what you need.
 - Don't let your head be down with shame. Keep it up and your shoulders squared. So, that you can counter attack everyone's stares. Let yours be fierce. I tell you, you'll find it humorous by their reaction when they realise they couldn't break you.
Yes! They lied against you but don't let them lie you in the grave too. Cheers!

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