Sunday, April 26, 2015

South Africa Expresses Displeasure Over Nigeria Ambassador Recall.

The Nigerian Government is under serious criticism from South Africa over the withdrawal of her ambassador from Pretoria after xenophobic attack on immigrants.  This move by Nigeria has been referred to as “ an unfortunate and regrettable step” by the Country’s Department of International Cooperation in a statement issued today 26 day of April.
References were made concerning the Prophet T.B Joshua collapsed building killing over 80 South Africans. Stating that; they didn't withdraw their ambassador or other South Africa citizens.  But there is no comparism between what happened with the collapsed building and xenophobia attack. One was an accident and the other a deliberate act.  Click here for more details


  1. That's absurd, making reference to a building collapse in contrast to the xenophobic killings of innocent people, and displacement of thousands fleeing to refugee camps and seeking protection from the government. Really absurd.

  2. its actually making me doubt their level of intelligence. Because with all the killings the President stayed mute for days before making any tangible statement and now they're ready to scream off the roof top because of Ambassador withdrawal.

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