Wednesday, April 01, 2015

The Four Most Important Gowns Every Lady Should Wear in Her Life Time.

1) The Pinafore Gown- This is usually the style of most of our school uniforms. Especially, in the primary and junior secondary schools. It gives a prime and proper (the virgin Mary) look to ladies and the hideous ones help to scare the play boys away. Lol!

2) The Matriculation/Graduation Gown - The impact women are making in the world today is being greatly felt and seen by all. I believe you don't want to be left behind. The matriculation gown is what you wear when you get into an higher institution. And graduation gown is at the end of your program. Simple: you won't get to wear graduation gown without first putting on the matriculation gown. There's no two way about it or a short cut to it.

3) The Wedding Gown - This is the height of most, if not every woman dream. To walk down the aisle to meet the man of her dreams at the altar for the "I do" ceremony. It is usually white in colour and flowing. But they say the only constant thing in life is change. So don't be surprised when someone wears a black or a simply cut wedding gown.

4) The Maternity Gown - This is a gown you don't have to hurriedly wear because a man promised you number 3 gown. Let it be after the wedding, when the additional blessings of babies starts coming. As the woman increases because of her pregnant state, the maternity gown is sown to accommodate the new size and for her to be comfortable.

So, all my ladies, do your best to orderly wear the these gowns.
Note: Today is first of April, don't be fooled, happy new month *smiles*. Cheers!


  1. I have wore only the matriculation gown I think. Hopefully will wear the last two soon.

  2. Nice one. Worn d 1st two so far

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