Friday, April 03, 2015

Think His Love or Sink in Sin.

It is the easter season, celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who came solely to die for our sins. Such unbeatable love for man.

So, how many times have you fallen into sin because you forgot to think on such love? And how many times have you wondered why you just can't move pass temptation? Countless times maybe or maybe not. And most times you've had to give excuses of your human nature as the cause. Even when the Holy Spirit (John 14:26) convinces you otherwise; you still say "I'm only human." Of course, you're not a ghost! the devil knows that; that's why you get tempted. You know that but too focus on pleasing the flesh and the weight of the sin. And God knows that but expects you to focus on His love, thereby pleasing the spirit. You won't die if you don't yield into temptation no matter the yearning of the flesh. You just need to recognize the trick of the devil in making you feel sin is too difficult for you to overcome (James 1:13-18). Because the burden has been bored by our Lord Jesus Christ on the Cross.

What's it that makes sin too difficult to over? Your job, business, marriage etc. I believe you didn't ask the devil for any of it. So, why don't you atleast devote one tenth of the time you spend on these things with God and get your coast enlarged each day by His wondrous work. Oh! There's much luxury in the world. Hmmm! Don't forget you were all alone (except twins, triplets etc) in your mother's womb, being nourished by God. Infact, when you were born you cried because you missed the enfolding warmth of your mother's womb. And when you die, you'll be buried alone (no one accompanied you to this world and no one will accompany you out of it). Whatever you achieve on earth, stays back here on earth. In essence, you should be accountable to yourself and to God alone. In all of this, think about God's love when sin comes knocking on your door. Cheers!


  1. Just ask God to create in you a clean heart and give you the strength to overcome every temptation. Thank You Lord for the most selfless gift to humanity..... Our Salvation.

  2. Never seize to ask God for forgiveness with a genuine heart, never going back to that sin. Thank You Lord for the most selfless gift to humanity..... Our Salvation.

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