Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Three Things a Lady Shouldn't Let a Man do to Her.

In most relationships, ladies are expected to play the fool. He cheats; you forgive.
Steal your money; you smile over it because he needed it.
Offends you; take the blame because he is a man. Its alright to compromise to keep your relationship, but physics has specifically said there's an elastic limit. Tolerance shouldn't be taken to be foolishness. Well, there are cases when the reverse is the case. So, there are things you shouldn't over look when your man put you through them.
- When he publicly miss threat you: Please this is not just about being beaten up in public. there are worse situation than that. Lets check some out.  You attend an occasion together and he completely ignores you, hit on other ladies right in your presence, scorn at you when you try to draw his attention, shun you when you make contribution to a conversation, endless incidents that should make you realize your man isn't proud to be seen with you in public and seriously he is the complete opposite behind close door

 - Pay all your bills and some of his; Yeah! you don't need to bite my head off when you see this. I understand this is the jet age. Women are independent. Infact, we can hold the fort comfortably for our men. But it will never change the fact that it is a man's responsibility and obligation to take care of his lady *winks*. The one that's difficult for me to understand is the part of a man living on his lady and feels no need to do better. Oh! what about the one that can actually afford to care of you, yet! its one excuse after another in escaping his duties. Lady; if he cares, he will try or keep trying to make sure he takes care of the bills in the relationship and for you to support when there's need to. Well, the case of the  woman earning more, just work out a suitable percentage to be invested into the relationship.

- Hmm! Leave you sexually unsatisfied; Why do you feel the need to pretend he isn't or can't satisfy you in bed. oh! you don't want to bruise his ego but you'll ready to stand frustration? and how long before you find yourself in compromising situation or out of the relationship? Well! Well! i belong to team #NoVowsNoSex. But i believe if you've tasted the forbidden fruit, and it isn't sweet then you've got two choice: figure how to sweeten it or throw it away. In order to avoid soured taste when it is too late.

Have it in mind God is a perfecter of all good things (Jeremaih 29:11). If you can but be patient in this aspect, there will be no sour taste when you finally get to eat the fruit.

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  1. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Well written. In these days very few women will put with such nonsense. A woman treated so badly will kick the man out of her life.

    Your Bible quote is fantastic. I only wonder whether a woman should put up with so much cruelty to hold on to her man.

    Best wishes

  2. So many of these girls are afraid they wouldn't find another man if they leave their current relationship hence they suffer in silence. I really wish everyone can see the bigger picture tho.

  3. Treat a woman the same way you want to be treated -with respect!