Sunday, April 26, 2015

Three Things to Learn and Not to Learn From Kim Kardashian West.

Over the years I've read and listened to constructive and destructive criticism written and said about this lady. And I'm always surprise with how little she cares about the negative ones. That is if she cares at all. Also acting the opposite of what people expects.  Although, I dont't see her as a role model but as a human being you've got to learn these three positive character from her and never to learn these three negative ones below.
Three Things to Learn From Her;.
1) Never look down on yourself when criticized, even when you make mistakes. Learn and keep your head up lest you drown in sorrow.
2) Grow a thick skin against human negative words. That will frustrate your haters.
3) Appreciate your family and always show support (although, there are exceptional cases of being wanted by the  law for a crime).  Even if you have to fight, let it be away from the public eyes.

Three Things You Shouldn't Learn From Her;
1) Lack of talent- Never live without discovery your talent. Because it is what add value to your existence.
2) Recording sex session- Never make a sex session video because you don't know who will be in possession of it tomorrow.
3) Posing nude- Never devalue your personality or self respect by posing nude.
There! I've written my 2cent. Cheers!


  1. Its good to discover and believe in yourself and never allowing what people opinion to change who you are