Saturday, April 25, 2015

Update on Nepal Earthquake - Hundreds Feared Dead.

The earth quake HERE that hit Nepal, India has also affected China leading to 719 of people death, trapped in the ruin of buildings and still counting. 467 were residents in the capital of Kathemandu  valley which is one of the most populous part of Hamalayan country.  Many severely injured and properties destroyed. The fatalities is mostly felt in Nepal.Climbers are presently on the run as the avalanche of everest has also be greatly affected.
According to speculation, this is the worse earthquake to have hit Nepal over 80 years. Since 1934 five major earthquake has killed many in Nepal. Hopefully, the numbers of death will not be more the hundred  already counted.


                                     A man trapped in a collapsed building being dug out.

                                                                   Rescue team


  1. What a sad day for Nepal, my heart goes out to the families.

  2. Yeah! its heart breaking. May God help them deal with all the loss and pain.

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