Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What Are You Talking About? - We Are But a People.

The killing in South Africa has gotten out of hand. I'm trying to understand if the Zulu people or South Africans are returning back to the primitive and hunting nature of Africans why hunt for humans instead of wild animals? I believe zoos will need some and they still need the skin for clothing. Rather they've taken Zulu King Goodwill zwelithini speech as the hunting license to kill their fellow man. Its bad enough that we have to deal with "Terrorism" base on religion. Let's not make it worse by adding that of countries or continent.  Because we are all foreigners in this world. When being referred to scientifically is as a group (Homo sapiens). No country of origin or continent is considered.

You're  complaining of them taking your jobs instead of encouraging yourselves  to out grow the laziness to work. The people you call foreigners worked and pay taxes which your Government is using to develop your country. And you repay them with barbaric act of heartless killings. Though our beliefs&myths may differ but each and everyone of us believe that we aren't the creator of earth or man.  We found ourselves here. The Zulu aren't an exception. Despite some being Christians there are the ones that retain their myths of Unkulunkulu (God) who was originally a reed (plant) who took up a human form and created everything in our world.  And of course scientific evolution has got an explanation of the gradual process of man formation. Yes "man" a generalize reference to Humans, you didn't create, yet deem it fit to take (kill). What are we to call you? Oh! Hunter of course. Or is there any other word to best describe what's going on? Well, what do i know?

Its hurts badly at the degeneration of man's existence by man. The world today; is suppose to be a better place  with man's intelligence in seeking solution to his problems. Where is that intelligence now, that's mostly needed amongst South Africans? How many lives will be lost before a stop is put to this dear leaders of the continent of Africa and the world at large? Taking a second look at the graphic pictures seculating on the internet was one of  the most difficult task I've ever done. Sorry folks I can't post any because of the gruesome sight. Its true we differ in languages, countries, continents, etc but we stand erect, got five senses, intelligence better than that of animals. Let's not act like them yes! man is man no matter the country or otherwise. Lets learn to value our existence.

 Photo Credit: Google and Linda Ikeji


  1. #Stopthekillings,#stopXenophobia

  2. its so sad

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