Monday, April 27, 2015

Your Torn Can be Turned to Sparkles and List of Celebrities That Have Walked Through the Road.

Gold in its truest form is said to be ugly, dull coloured, muddy and just like every other stone. But when it has being refined by passing through the fire, it becomes a valuable sparkling and beautiful jewel that man adorns himself with. That's how challenges of life are. What have you got that men uses to mock you, a big nose, lip, forehand and oh! No legs or hands? Or you're called dull head, the boy/girl that can't speak English.....? Is any or more the torn in your life? Well, if you've got it, its to serve a purpose that you need to find. Its either within you or the world.
Let's Sample Some Refiners;
- Innocent Idibia (Tuface) is one of the most celebrated African musician but you know? He can't speak english fluently. Yeah! It a good thing he has moved from "no be small thing ooo." He didn't let his deficiency become a negative factor in his life pursuit.

Alek wek one of the most successful models of a Sudanese origin and Lupita Nyong'o kenya; an academy award winner with the movie 12years a slave. Both ladies had what I'll and even others will call dirty black, broad shoulder(masculine) body with little boobs. They're not exactly glamour-girl material. But today: they're a force to reckon with.
                                                                         Alek Wek
- Ben Carson; A retired and renowned American neurosurgeon and author.

- We have celebrities with huge forehead that they were ridiculed for.  But that forehead become their trade mark. The likes of
*Tyra Banks that's even fond of making jokes about it.
* Rihanna
*Kristin Chenoweth
* Judy Reyes
* Angelina Jolie and her lips that are considered lovely.

 Endless list it is but will never be complete without the man with no limbs Nick Vujicic who's today a great motivational speaker.

Oh! What about the terrible incidents that should make you consider suicide. You got raped, framed or an exposed sex tape or nude picture? Whatever it is, life is too beautiful to give up on.  Please shame the haters by turning that torn to sparkles and not letting them have the best laugh.  Its can never be too late.

Conclusively; God got your back. Remember Paul in 2 Corinthians 12:6-9. When he had a torn. The Lord's Strength was made sufficient in that time of weakness. So, no matter who you are, what you've got or what you've been through. God is right there to see you through it. Have a fruit bearing week. Cheers!