Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Legend: Prime the Pump.

Legend has it that a man was lost in the desert, dying for water. He came upon a shack and saw a rusty old water pump. He stumbled over to it, grabbed the handle and began to pump up and down. But nothing came out. Then he noticed a nearby jug with these words 'My friend, you have to prime the pump with the water in the jug. P.S. Be sure to fill the jug again before you leave.' As he popped the cork, suddenly he was faced with a decision. If he drank the water he could live. But if he poured it into the old rusty pump, maybe it would yield from down deep in the well all the water he wanted later.

He studied his options. What should he do, pour it into the pump and take a chance on fresh , cool water, or drink what was in the jug and ignore its message? Reluctantly he poured all the water into the pump. Then he grabbed the handle and began to pump.....squeak, squeak, squeak. Nothing came out! squeak, squeak, squeak. A little bit began to dribble out, then a small stream and finally it gushed! To his relish fresh, cool water poured out of the rusty pump. Eagerly, he filled the jug and drank from it. He filled it another time and once again drank its refreshing contents. Then he filled the jug for the next traveler. He filled it to the top, popped the cork back on and added his little note: 'Believe me, it really works.' Friend, don't ignore the message Jesus left: Prime the Pump by reaching out to those that need help whenever you're opportuned to. Not just about money but a little bit of show of love can make a big difference in someones life. Cheers!

Legend from: The Word for Today. 
Photo Source: Google

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