Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Revealed: What You didn't Know About oil&Gas Vessels Purchase.

An epistle written in pidgin English by our very own Sapele Oghenek to congratulate one of our Sapele born Hon. Godwin Ebosa who newly acquired an oil vessel built in Holland (Amsterdam)and presently sailing to Nigeria after passing all triers on sea.

Crude oil na wetin dem dey pump commot from ground for the Middle East (e.g., Saudi Arabian Arab Light), West Africa (e.g., Nigerian Bonny Light), the Americas, and Asia (Russia),dey pump deir own into ships wen dem dey call tankers, and dem go cum sail am across the ocean to oil refineries for the Delaware River,so that dem go fit refine am wella.

Refining of crude oil na the complex series of processes wen dey manufacture finished petroleum products out of crude oil. While to refine begin wit simple distillation (by heating and separating), refiners must to use more sophisticated additional processes and equipment in order for dem to produce the mix of products wen the market demands. Generally, this latter effort dey minimizes d production of heavier, lower value products (for example, residual fuel oil, used to power large ocean-going ships) in favour of middle distillates (jet fuel, kerosene, home heating oil and diesel fuel) and lighter, higher value products (liquid petroleum gases (LPG), naphtha, and gasoline).

Oil na the world’s major energy resource and dem dey normally dey produce am far from where dem dey refined am before dem consume am. Because of this, tankers and pipelines na critical infrastructure for the energy value chain. Generally speaking, tankers na wetin dem dey use for trade between regions, while pipelines na wetin dem dey use within a given region.
I nor wan talk much dis morning but i just wan teach or enlighten us about d importance of Tankers and its value.

Na two types of oil tankers nai dey: Crude carriers for unrefined products and product carriers for refined products. Make we check well we go see say i nor dey lie.
Crude tankers nai dem dey mainly dey use for any deep sea,to transport crude oil from production sites to refineries. E dey get range for size from 55,000 DWT, up to around 450,000 DWT. The main trading routes na from the production areas from the Arabian Gulf and West Africa to Asia, Europe and the USA for proper refining and this na wetin we dey pray make APC for Federal work on,so that we nor go dey waste many money to dey transport our crude and finished products around.

Product tankers nai be d normal Tanker wen dem dey use take dey transport refined oil products (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, jet or fuel oil) to the marketers like Rainoil,AP, Total and all other filling stations. Them get different range for size from 5,000 DWT to around 80,000 DWT. One traditional trading route for products na from Lagos to Sapele for example.
For Sapele wey we dey i nor think say anybody don ever go into Oil business cum grow to d extent to buy or build crude carrier wen dem dey call Vessel for sea. Make e nor be like say i dey talk too much. Today i stand on top MTN Pole wen dey Amukpe throway my Cap for Hon. Godwin Ebosa and him Associates as dem don finally acquire dis Crude transporter wen be VESSEL and report fly enter my ears,say na for Holland (Amsterdam) nai dem for build am and e don pass all the triers for Sea and e don enter road dey come since. This na one of the most laudable project wen any Sapele person don ever achieve and we know say na good thing we dey celebrate for dis platform. To cut the long story short be say,this Vessel don make the owners build Tank Farms for Koko Area where dem go dey bet this Vessel and where dis Vessel go from dey load most likely.

Hon Godwin Ebosa na man of him words (Though na only one word e promise me,wen e norva do for me). This honourable Political guru and business man don helep many people from dis Sapele and him Communities get and secure better jobs. E don create avenues wen families take dey sustain deir selves. With the introduction and birth of dis Tank Farm,i dey very sure again,say dis expert for business don create more rooms to employ more hands including none skilled workers. Na who do good dem dey pray for. I know amany people wen dis Oga don helep through dis forum and with God for our side,e still get more to helep becos to do good dey hungry dis Oga. Dis na d only Oga wen load and e nor dey cari escort dey waka.

Today i sleep for ground for AGOMATE ROAD dey hail God for the wonderful things wen e dey use dis Oga dey do for people lives and for dis forum. I throway pride for ground as i dey beg God make him helep the jobless from dis forum touch dis Oga heart make e throway small slot give us make we produce workers for either the Tank Farm yard or the Vessel or any where wey dem go fit use take dey see front. Oga i know say people wen u wan helep many and people wen dey disturb you also many. D people wen i dey appeal for nor know ur gate and if dem even know am,to pass ur gate na problem. Honourable joblessness dey eat peal people back for this town. Na only you be the big man wen nor dey reason Hotel business. Oga abeg nor reason side talk. Do wetin fit you for ur people.
Chairman give and it shall be given unto you.

I Remain The Otota1 Of Sapele.
The Ukpe1 Of Okpe Kingdom.
The Asamaigor1 Of Itsekiri Kingdom.
The Eagle Eyes Of Delta State.
God Bless Sapele.
Abeg join me hail Hon. G Ebosa and join appeal to am for the work slot too.
For Sapele and Warri North,who empower the youths reach dis man? Abeg clear road for dis man!

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