Monday, May 11, 2015

And the World Needs Bail!

Everyday, we wake up to read or hear one, two or more heartrending stories of the atrocities/disasters going on around the world and the ills of man against man. And we wonder how we got here. A dear brother spilling another blood; a sister spear heading the ruin of another; a man passing judgment on another, you'll say its a strange world we've come to live. Which has brought nothing but imbalance of what we have or long to have. All leading to more evil. Somehow criminals get pardoned, right morals become wrong ones; good is being dominated by bad and gradually becoming the best according to a confused world dweller who claims to be modernized or civilized. Ask them what is civilization when you can't understand the upturned realization of an ideal world today?

Have you ever heard the bragging wife who says " My husband and I have a great marriage. "There's nothing I wouldn't do for him and nothing he wouldn't do for me". And that's the way, we go through life doing nothing for each other.' Because the world and its people have become self -centered, profit driven leaders often over look the needs of the very people who can or helped them reach their goals; who believes its only murderers & thieves that are criminals. They that fail to take the time to invest in those they work with. And when the person feels like they are not noticed or valued, they get restless and start looking for a greener pasture. Oh! it could be as a result of the enormous duties bestowed on them that's why they fail to invest in their people. yeah! inexcusable  excuse, yet still  believed by some.

Where can we then find some goodness? Of course right here in the same world. A composition of all of man's abilities and capabilities in positive and negative ways. There must be a balance at a time. And maybe sooner than later. The track is being laid out by Chinese billionaire who gives France Vacation to 6400 workers which is estimated to have cost him 13-20million Euros. And before him where the likes of Mother Theresa of blessed memories who's act of kindness stories still mend the broken heart.
What change are we making today? What's your fight? to break and kill in hate or to make and give love? We still can better our world because WE ARE THE WORLD. Cheers!

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